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Systemakid students will learn to build confidence, self-defence skills, and have fun through creativity and playful exercises. These exercises are based on the four principles of Systema Russian Martial Art which are: breathing, relaxation, posture and movement.

Systemakid classes are an excellent foundation for further martial art disciplines.

SystemaKid classes will promote:

• Physical fitness and health
• Emphasis on Natural movement and play
• Developing Creativity through Movement
• Problem-solving skills for dealing with conflict
• Building confidence and self-esteem
• Developing strong self-discipline
• Learning to work well with others as a team
• Anti-bullying prevention and awareness

The Systemakid experience is to promote a strong kid and a strong community.

Each class is structured into a warm-up, a fun vigorous activity and a cool-down
Breathing, Movement, Posture and Relaxation is incorporated into all aspects of the class.

Activities include: learning to fall, rolling, grab and escape work, creative movement, running, jumping, strength and flexibility exercises, breathing exercises and problem-solving scenarios.

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